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Artisanal Citrus Liqueur

A fine concoction made of the finest and freshest Etrogim proudly grown in the Land of Israel

750ml  | 26% alc/vol 

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Our Values

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Holy Land

Our heritage is integral to our story and is firmly rooted in the natural beauty and bounty of the Holy Land.

We source only the finest and freshest Etrogim sourced from local farms, proudly grown in the land of Israel.


By crafting the Etrogcello in small batches we capture the purity of their primary ingredient and share the fruits of our labour with you.

Etrog Wisdom

The Etrog is well known for its use during the Jewish festival of Sukkot as part of the four species.


According to Kabbalistic tradition, each species has a deeper meaning and represents an organ in the body.


The Etrog being the “heart”, and alludes to the chamber of wisdom and understanding, love and connection. Our Etrogcello is a concoction of heart&soul.

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Our Most Recent Harvest

Israel, 2021

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Leviticus 23:40

"On the first day you shall take the fruit of majestic trees, and you shall rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days."

Biblical Roots

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Sip Slow | Serve Shaken & Chilled 

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